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Montag, 19.06.2023

PD Dr. Andreas Pülz (ÖAI Wien) spricht zu "Pilgerandenken der Spätantike: Überlegungen zu den sog. Kleinasiatischen Pilgerampullen"

Die IGS freut sich, dass der Spezialist für die Archäologie der Spätantike und frühchristliche Archäologie, PD Dr. Andreas Pülz vom ÖAI Wien nach Graz…

Ankündigung Lavan mit Bild und Text

Freitag, 09.06.2023

Lecture by Luke Lavan, Kent, on "Urban history from spolia in East and West AD 250-700" (June 21, 2023, online)

Dr Luke Lavan is lecturer of archaeology at the University of Kent. He is a leading scholar for the time between AD 300 to 700 in the Mediterranean,…

poster announcing the event

Mittwoch, 17.05.2023

Dr. Alan Schink (Salzburg) speaks on "Mindful Observations: Reflections on Embodiment and Introspection in Ethnographic Research and Modern Mindfulness Practice", May 24

Lecture and Discussion on "Mindful Observations: Reflections on Embodiment and Introspection in Ethnographic Research and Modern Mindfulness Practice"

Dienstag, 09.05.2023

"Right-wing extremism and gender" - Jasmin Siri gives an online-lecture and discussion, May 17th

Using the example of self-observations and observations by others of right-wing and extreme right-wing women after the Second World War, the lecture…

Donnerstag, 16.03.2023

Workshop on "Community, Ritual and the Power of Memory: Past, Present and Future" at Erfurt 22 to 24 March

The workshop is part of the DFG– and FWF-funded International Graduate School „Resonant Self–World Relations in Ancient and Modern Socio-Religious…

Montag, 23.01.2023

Gastvortrag von Prof. em. Karl Baier, Universität Wien, über Franz Anton Mesmer und die kosmischen und zwischenmenschlichen Resonanzen im Mesmerismus

Die von dem Arzt Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) entwickelte Therapieform beeinflusste die Entstehung moderner Hypnose, Psychotherapie und…

Donnerstag, 12.01.2023

Guest lecture by Prof. Jaime Alvar Ezquerra on Transforming the landscape: Writing, experiencing and Resonanz. La cueva Negra de Fortuna (Murcia) as a case study

It is estimated that about a hundred texts (tituli picti) must have been written in the rocky shelter called Cueva Negra, in Fortuna (Murcia, Spain).…

Dienstag, 10.01.2023

Alumnus Enno Friedrich is awarded the Max Weber Prize for early-stage researchers for his dissertation

In the frame of its annual academic celebration, the Max-Weber-Kolleg of the University of Erfurt awarded the Prize for Young Researchers on Monday, 9…

Freitag, 25.11.2022

19th Meeting of the Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology in Graz

The Institute of Classics, Department of Archaeology, cordially invites to the hybrid meeting of the Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology. Please find…

Samstag, 19.11.2022

Lecture by Csaba Szabó on "Glocalisation and Roman religion in the Danbubian provinces"

Csaba Szabó from the University of Szeged will give a lecture on" Glocalisation and Roman Religion in the Danbubian provinces" on November 29, 19:00,…

Montag, 31.10.2022

Christoph Ulmer to give lecture for the IGS

The Duomo of Aquileia. Between late Antique Tradition and a Christian New Beginning      

Dienstag, 11.10.2022

Autumn Conference 2022

This year's autumn conference of the IGS in Graz will explore the subject of Rituals and World Relations: Types, Qualities and Relationships  

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