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Modules on resesarch methodologies

Four modules (two of them in Erfurt and two in Graz) have to be taken between the 1st and 5th semester. These modules are designed to provide certain methodological skills and insights into their disciplinary contexts or to examine their applicability in other disciplines.

In the second phase (2021-2025/26), Modules I and II are located in Graz, once dedicated to "Power, Agency and Resonance: On Social Theory". Lecturers are I. Fischer, Ch. Heil, S. Moebius as well as F. Winter, who consider aspects of power relations and agency in resonance. Module II provides insights into "Materiality: On History and Material Culture", the lecturers are L. Recht, U. Gärtner P. Scherrer and W. Spickermann, who deal specifically with historical and literary approaches and discuss methodological aspects of material objects and materiality.

Modules III and IV will be offered in Erfurt, covering "Repetition: On Ritual Theory and Religious Studies" and "Second-order Resonance: On Resonance Theory" (Erfurt). J. Martschukat, A. Pettenkofer, G. Petridou, and J. Rüpke will teach in Module III, which focuses on ritual theory and religious studies and incorporates comparative cultural studies in different historical contexts, while H. Rosa, J. Vinzent, and V. Weidner addressed the theory of resonance in Module IV, focusing on second-order resonance.

These broadly outlined thematic areas are developed in communication with the doctoral students on research topics of interest to them, creating a foundation of interdisciplinary expertise within the IGS that provides coherence among the various topics and disciplines.


Modules of the first phase:

In the first phase 2017-2021), Modules I and IV were offered by the Max Weber College. Module I focused on the theory of resonance (e.g., an analysis of an object or space in relation to art and liturgy (instructors J. Vinzent, B. Kranemann, J. Martschukat, H. Rosa, G. Petridou, Chr. Henning, E. Urciuoli). Module IV was devoted to comparative cultural studies (M. Fuchs, A. Pettenkofer, J. Rüpke, K. Waldner). Of the two modules in Graz, Module II dealt with topics and methods from ancient studies, such as Processual and Post-processual Archaeology (P. Scherrer, M. Lehner, A. Felber) and the analysis of texts and inscriptions and critical reading of sources (W. Spickermann, U. Gärtner, E. Krummen). Module III turned to questions of ritual theory (S. Moebius, K. Scherke).


Coordination Erfurt

Dr. Elisabeth Begemann


Coordination Graz

Dr. Anna-Katharina Rieger

Phone:+43 316 380 - +43 (0)316 380 - 2391

Doctoral positions are open for the study year 2023/24. Deadline extended (end of April. For further information on the call see here.

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