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Doctoral Students of the IGS

People and projects

Enno Friedrich, Latin Philology

Pilgrimage in spiritual landscapes - socio-religious practice in the work of Venantius Fortunatus

Nancy Alhachem, Sociology

Resonance instead of Alienation: The Practices of Memory Among Migrants and Refugees in the German Culture of Remembrance

Winfried Kumpitsch, Ancient History

The Influence of Christian Military Saints on the Development of a Christian Soldier Ideal

Marcus Döller, Philosophy

Autonomy as Social Practice

Gabriel Malli, Sociology

Pious subjectivities? A sociological analysis of Muslim discourses on gender and veiling

Olivera Koprivica, Theology/Sociology

Female Bodies and Angelic Likeness: The Place and Role of the Body in Everyday Life of Orthodox Women Monasticisms – A Qualitative Study

Anita Neudorfer, Sociology

Singing as cultural practice. Recent singing movements from a resonance-theoretical perspective.

Manuel Moser, Religious Studies

Anthropology of cars: Resonances in the relationships between drivers and their vehicles

Aaron Plattner, Greek Philology

Resonance and ecphrasis. The voices of sacred spaces, rituals, and objects in Pausanias

David Palme, Philosophy

Contradiction as a Form of Life

Blaž Ploj, Latin Philology

Religious Rituals in the Comedies of Titus Maccius Plautus

Luca Pellarin, Philosophy

Time (Dis)Closure. Learning From Christian Eschatology

Thomas Sojer, Theology

New Testament Passion Theologies in Simone Weil

Stella Rehbein, Soziologe

Romance in times of declining resonance. A inequality- and gender-related study of love between ritual and routine 

Raphaela Swadosch, Theology

A study on the conditions of resonance of the Song of Songs and its reception

Rámon Soneira Martínez, Religious Studies

Atheism and unbelief in Ancient Greece

Armin Unfricht, Ancient History

Identity, integration, politics: A study on the social significance of heroization and cultic worship of historical figures in Ancient Greece

João Tziminadis, Philosophy

Unleashing Life from its Boundaries

Isabell Wagener, Classical Archaeology

Who am I? Representations of personification and cultic practices as expression of resonant self-world relations in the Aristophanic comedy

Malka Wijeratne, Classical Archaeology

Mos Maiorum, resonance and emotion


Associated Doctoral Students

Sarah Lang, Digital Humanities / Literary Studies

Approaches to an automated digital edition of alchemic texts - the Symbola Aureae Mensae of Michael Maier


Teresa Mocharitsch, Ancient History and Art History

The Tacitean Image of Germanic Tribes in the Fine Arts. Study on the Reception of Antiquity in the 18th Century and its Impact

Alexander Schachner, Ancient History

Between piety and pragmatism: possibilites and limits of the military utilisation of Greek sanctuaries


Astrid Schmölzer, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces / Ancient History

Goddesses of the Germania Inferior. Archaeological revision of the Matrones and the Dea Nehalennia

Coordination Erfurt

Dr. Elisabeth Begemann


Coordination Graz

Dr. Anna-Katharina Rieger

Mobile:+43 (0)316 380-2391

Two doctoral positions are open for the study year 2020/21. For further information on the call see here.

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