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Doctoral researchers of the IGS presenting at two conferences at Pisa and Szeged

Donnerstag, 30.09.2021

Two conferences in early September 2021 could take place as physical meeting with a hybrid part: The Conference of the European Association of the Study of Religion at Pisa and the Sapiens Ubique Civis VIII at Szeged.

Nancy Alhachem, Rafael Barroso, Sára Heidl, Elena Malagoli, Manuel Moser, Diana Pavel and Ramon Soneira Martinez presented papers in two panels of the IGS about "Religion as Resource of Resilience – Diachronic and Interdisciplinary Perspectives" and  "Resilience, resonance and the question of identity".

At Szeged, Aaron Plattner and Malka Wijeratne presented a papers in a panel on "Renewal, Revival, Religion in Ancient Greece and Rome" organised by Alumnus Enno Friedrich. Aaron dealt with  ‘Techniques of Praise in Pindar’ and Malka spoke about the revival of ritual in the Augustan period. Nora Kohlhofer and Sally Baumann from the Institute of Classics of the University of Graz presented papers on ‘Techniques of Praise in Claudianius".

It was a good experience after so many online-meetings to meet with the IGS colleagues, to meet other and new people and to travel to other university cities.

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