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Alumnus Enno Friedrich is awarded the Max Weber Prize for early-stage researchers for his dissertation

Dienstag, 10.01.2023

In the frame of its annual academic celebration, the Max-Weber-Kolleg of the University of Erfurt awarded the Prize for Young Researchers on Monday, 9 January 2023. The prize, worth a total of 1500 euros, is sponsored by the "Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt" and awarded every two years for outstanding dissertation or post-doctoral theses in the field of interdisciplinary cultural and social science research.

Enno Friedrich receives the prize for his dissertation on "Das Christliche Weltgewebe des Venantius Fortunatus - Weltbeziehungen und die Carmina" ("The Christian World Fabric of Venantius Fortunatus - World Relations and the Carmina"). In his work, he shows how the texts in the collections of the early medieval poet Venantius Fortunatus both reflect and help shape world relations in the early Middle Ages.

See here the news on the page of the MWK, Erfurt.

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